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PIC Consulting GmbH

PIC Consulting GmbH is located in Heidelberg, Germany

The main aim of PIC Consulting GmbH is to provide complete solutions from designing till final execution for Pharma and Cannabis industry. We have a team of experienced consultant and they have designed more than 100 facilities in Europe, Asia and USA.

We provide complete solutions for pharma industry which helps companies to …

• Effectively manage tracking of ingredients and products
• Ensure quality control requirements are met
• Manage compliance with regulations and regulatory agencies
• Ensure that the products you need are in stock when you need them
• Manage your production from planning through completion of manufacturing and product sales
• Ensure tight financial management across the enterprise 

PIC business focus

PIC has the ambition to offer a comprehensive and integrated
consulting and engineering approach solely for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Areas of Exepertise

Pharmaceutical and
Biotechnical Engineering

complete realization of projects from building to process for the manufacturing of pharmaceutically active ingredients and final formulations:
 Basic Engineering
 Detail Engineering
 Site supervision

 Risk Assessment
 TEC Transfer

 Internal / External
 Warehouse systems
 Order Picking / Packing

Focus on
 Change Management
 Operational Excellence
 Process Simulation
 Feasibility Studies

PIC – the integrated approach – independent to suppliers



Mr. Kelly had designed over 150 projects worldwide within the last 30 years.
Responsibilities: GMP and technology consulting, concepts, building, utilities, process, process biotechnology, process sterile applications

He is an active member of: APV Mainz
Worked on various projects for companies like Merck, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sun Pharma and also provided management consulting to improve performance rate. 

Mr. Douglas Kelly
Managing Director
Dipl. Ing (Master degree) electrical, mechanical, electrical medicine

Possesses experience of more than 8 years in Pharmaceutical Industry
Biotech process
Sterile Applications
Clean Room Design
Risk Analysis
Qualification / Validation

Further education:
GMP/FDA Requirements to plant design
Risk analysis (FMEA, HACCP)
Cleaning validation
Baseline Guides Biopharmaceuticals, Water and Steam Systems, ISPE
Innovations in Facility Design and Construction, ISPE
Baseline Guides Biopharmaceuticals, Commissioning & Qualification,
Baseline Guides Biopharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, ISPE

Mr. Stanislav Ferzik, Ph.D
B. Sc. Chemical Engineering,
M. Sc. Chemical Engineering,
Ph.D. Biotechnology

Possesses experience of more than 4 years in Pharmaceutical Industry
Biotech process
Automation Technology
Process Instrumentation
Programming recipes for bioreactors and filtration units
Computer System Validation
Qualification of process equipment's

Mr. Navjyot Waghmare, M.Sc
Diploma Instrumentation
B.Tech Instrumentation & Control
M. Sc Electrical ( Specialization in Automation)

Possesses experience of more than 8 years in Pharmaceutical Industry
Biotech process
Process Instrumentation
Designing complete facility layout and process diagrams
Experience with latest designing tools
Experience in process technologies, building and utilities
Qualification of process equipment's 

Mr. Viktor Vilanek, M.Sc
M. Sc Mechanical Engineering


Ladenburger Straße 52
D-69120 Heidelberg 


Phone: +49 (0) 6221/648497-0